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The End

For those just joining us, read this for the backstory: [1]

P.S. i just checked one of my older posts and see its the first one to reach over 100 upvotes in this subreddit. thanks guys, and i really hope this community continues to grow as it has.

Anyways, here we go.

Sorry this is so late. I've been pretty sick the last few weeks, but i'll get to that. I'll have to post videos and pictures later. i haven't quite found the will to go through them yet. but i know you are all rabid for the story so i'll just get to that now.

Method: since terrain is so rough at parts and there are no paths we thought the best way to find whatever it is we were looking for was to hike for a few hours, set up camp when we found an area flat enough, then explore the surrounding area. We used tim’s hiking gps to leave breadcumbs back to our camp site when we were off exploring. We tried not to be out of yelling distance to eachother.

FRIDAY: its me, and three of my friends, Mo, Brendan, and Tim. we take off around noon. our first destination is the original camping spot. the hike is only about 45 minutes but through rough terrain (you can see it in one of my older videos.) we set up camp, have a snack, and begin exploring. We found a few of those stick shrine structures. If they were planned out to be in some sort of formation or path, it was lost on me. we’d find a few of the structures, then a row of sticks that would terminate at a tree or just stop completely. They seemed to be just randomly placed. I'm a little surpised about how close they were to the camping site, and how we didnt stumble upon them the first time we camped there. You can see these structures in an older video, not the same ones though but similiar.

After a few hours of walking around, goofing off, and trying to have a good time while documenting everything, we head back to camp. The sun is starting to set and so we cook dinner, break out the cards, and the radio. No weird signal though. We have a little fire but don’t stay up too late. We have to have enough energy for tomorrow’s hike, which will be much longer than what we did today. we put out the fire and turn in.

Don’t ask me what time it was, because I have no idea. It could have been anywhere between midnight and 3 am. We all were woken up by the scream and it was damn close. We talk to each other from our tents but were too afraid to get out. Finally, we agree to all get out at once and take a look around. We climb out and to our surprise, the fire is going. Now it is possible we didn’t put it out completely from earlier, but I swear we knocked it down and threw a pile of dirt of it and stirred it up to make sure we didn’t see any ambers or coals. (we didn’t use water as we had to conserve as much as we could for the four days.) so after we calm down a bit I remember to grab my camera and film a bit. I walk out into the woods trying to find tracks but it was too dark so i just went back to camp. I didn't think to check for the radio signal. We talk each other down and head back to our tents.

SATURDAY: we woke up pretty late, around 1030 or so. We were exhausted from a not-so-good-night’s sleep the night before. First thing I did was look around for tracks. I didn’t see any (other than what could have just been our own tracks in the leaves). However, in my search I did find bone fragments. Much like the ones I found all that time ago. I didn’t bother taking pictures though. You’ve seen them in the earlier videos and I didn’t feel like digging out my camera. We ate breakfast, made jokes, raised our morale a little bit, and packed up. The second day was pretty wet, gloomy, and cold. This actually worked to our advantage as we didn’t need nearly as much water as we wouldn’t sweat as much. It is a huge struggle to balance water needs vs packweight. Water is the heaviest thing you can carry and we needed a lot as I don’t recall any reliable streams on the mountain.

Anyways, with our packs on and our bellies relatively full, we head in the direction of the stick shrines. Walking through them was very eerie and we were all quiet (though you tend not to talk much when carrying 65 lbs on your back trekking through the woods). We found an area that had 3-4 shrines relatively close together. We decided to take a break so I could snap some pictures and examine them a little bit. I found one of those stick paths leading to a tree. Now that we had more sunshine (although still filtered through some clouds) I could see the significance of the tree. I must have missed this in my earlier video, but on the tree there were letter carved. You guessed it: I.A.O..

Well that was enough for me. I put the camera away and we pick up our packs and take off. We decided to try to keep going up, as the camping spot we were originally at was only about 3 quarters of the way up the mountain. Climbing was a bitch with the packs, and I think I went through a good amount of water doing it. We started to worry about running out of water before the trip was over. I had brought some iodine water purifying pills in case we came across any streams, but despite it being cold, damp, and dreary, there was no running water anywhere. Mostly just mud and more mud.

A few more hours later we reached the peak. There were no good lookouts though and no good places to set up camp, so after having a snack at the top, we made our way down the other side to find some flat area and set up camp. It must have been about 5 when we were all settled in again. It amazing how exhausted you can get from walking around all day, not to mention the tension in the air from fear of what we got ourselves into. Our friend Mo wasn’t feeling well. He is a little less in shape than the rest of us. He smoke cigarettes almost every time we stop and had a bit of trouble keeping up with us. No matter though, we figured, we had set up camp and the hard work for the day was over. He decided to take a nap while the rest of us dug a fire pit and found firewood.

Around 7 we had a fire going and mo had just woken from his nap. He was complaining that his head felt awful and he looked extremely pale. He told us he had some really fucked up dreams, but didn’t really elaborate on them when pressed. I guess he couldn’t remember them well enough to tell us or just couldn’t describe them. Happens to the best of us I suppose. Anyways, I brought some bayer pain relief as I was certain to get sore from carrying a pack all day. I offered him some but he refused. He didn’t think it would do much for the headache. Instead we all just realized how hungry we were and decided to cook our dinner.

OK last bit here to wrap it up, i'll push through to the end.

We cook up our dinner, then its time to go explore. mo isnt feeling well so he stayed behind. tim opted to stay with him so he doesnt have to be on his own. Brendan and I go out exploring. its about 830 and the sun is starting to set so we high tail it back to the top of the mountain and start our search there. we found the place where we stopped for snacks and split off and go in opposite directions to cover the ground we didnt when we passed through. so im walking along looks for anything that might be of interest and low and behold there are some more stick stuck in the ground. they arent really shrines as i decribed before, but they dont seem like paths either. they are just randomly stuck everywhere. i begin looking at the tree for the IAO carving i saw earlier and find some, along with some other weird markings. matching them up to the previous pictures from the sstv signal they look like they are written in cherokee. i believe it is the word for woman. i managed to get a shot of it but then my camera was starting to have battery issues.

after trying to get pictures of the carvings i noticed something shiny sticking out through the leaves. i walk over and move it aside and its a big chuck of sheet metal. if i had to wager a guess id say it came from the crash site. it looked like it had been in some extreme heat and was twisted. i move around the leaves some more and find a cable buried in the ground. i pull on it and see that it goes toward one of the trees with a carving on it. i follow the cable up with my eyes and see above me in the branches a fucking antenna. bingo. as i look around more i see some others too. unfortunately, tim has the radio in his pack so i can't try and listen to it now. the but antennas all seem small and wired together haphazardly. probably why we could only get the signal intermittently.

at this point im really excited and start shouting for brendan to come over and see what i found. i yell and yell for him but i donnt hear anything but my echo coming back. at this point the sun is going behind the hills so i start walking back to where we split up. i get there and start yelling my ass off for him. then i hear a rustling in the woods, pretty loud and coming towards me. i yell 'hello?' and i see bbrendan running up the hill towards me and he just says, 'dude, fucking run!'

i have no idea why but i donnt really care, i already had adrenaline pumping through my body from my creepy discovery, so we just take off in the direction back to camp. i try asking him what he saw while chasing after him but he's just says to keep runnning. im more than a little freaked out at this point.

so there we are running away from something, im not sure what, and i keep looking back to see if anything is chasing us and there isnt. i see the camp fire up ahead and tim and mo huddled around it. so we run up and im breathing so hard i didnt even notice but they were listening to the radio signal. they barely even gave us a look when we arrived. whatever was on the radio had their full attention. i ask brendan again why we were running and he said he saw something massive in the woods and it looked right at him. i ask if it was a moose, but i already knew that it wasnt. he said it was crouched down when he saw it, but it rose up in this kind of amorphious way and looked at him. he said it was featureless except for some really long wirey limbs sticking out from a blob.

i call bullshit and tell him that he was an ass for making us run because i found where the signal was coming from. both mo and tim look at me when i say this and tell me to shut up so i can hear what is being played back. it was a song. i dont know what song but it was a song that sounded like it was being played from a music box, followed by some numbers being read over what im assuming is the sstv signal again. i get out my camera to record it, but the battery keeps dying so i only could capture little bits of it.

we listen for a bit and decide what were going to do. the next day we planned to go up to the antennas try and find where the other end of the cable leads. brendan insists he isnt going, and he'll stay at the campsite with mo. mo is looking more and more like death. he drank all of his water so we give him some of ours. we figure that if we find the source tomorrow we wont have to stay another night anyways and can just go home. we wouldnt need to ration water anymore.

night comes, we all go to bed. im sound asleep when i hear voices outside my tent. its brendan and tim. apparently they heard something that i slept through and were outside investigating it. i get out from my tent and ask them whats up. apparently, at some point, brendan got up to take a piss and saw something again. it darted off into the woods and made a quacking sound. my guess: it was a duck. but i guess the sound woke tim up and he came out to see what was up. brendan is freaking out i guess because of what he saw earlier and we're bothing trying to calm him down. but then we start hearing thigns too. coming from the peak we hear what sounds like footsteps in the leaves. we all get real quiet to listen but they just stop. i tell tim to get his radio. he grabs it, turns it on and we hear the signal again. he turns it down low so we can still hear if whatever is in the woods is still moving. i grab my camera to try and film whatever happens. this is when the signal goes dead. not static, just, dead. there is complete silence annd none of us are moving and talking, just waiting to hear the footsteps again. we just stood motionless for what seemed like forever when all of a sudden a scream rips through the air and we all nearly shat ourselves.

its actually two videos spliced together, but you get the point.

none of us move. none of us say a word. i look behind me and mo is sticking his head out from his tent. he also knows not to make a sound. we tell him to get out here and he slowly exits.

the nice thing about mo is he brought knives. big ones. he pulled out two, and hands one to brendan. we all kind of huddle together and look out in the woods trying to see something, anything. nothing happens. we feel a little braver so i started throwing sticks and pine cones in the direction we heard the footsteps. im hoping to scare whatever it is out so we can rest easy when we find out its a squirrel or something. but nothing happens. we eventually all go back to our tents and try to sleep.

not happening. after what seemed like 2 hours but was probably only one, another scream. closer. we all get out of our tents again. obviously none of us are sleeping tonite. we are all scared shitless. mo looks like he's going to die any second. so we made a decision. we're going home. right now. we pack up our shit quickly, while glancing at the woods every onnce in a while to make sure nothingn is coming for us. it must have taken us 45 minutes to get everything together in the dark. we only had our flash lights to see. we split up most of mo's stuff into our own packs so he wouldnt have to carry much himself. this would slow us down and hopefully speed him up so we could all keep the same pace. there was no leaving the pack at this point.

after we're all packed up its time to go, the only problem is that we have to go back the way we came. back over the peak and do it in the dark. im in front, followed by tim, mo, and brendan in the back. we walk and walk, not saying a word. we try to soften our footsteps so we can hear whats out there, but its not much help. we pass the peak, this is the scariest part to me because this is where brendann saw the thing and i found the antennas. its kind of ground zero i guess. i pretty much try to hold my breath through the peak, which was impossible when youre hiking. we start descending again, we have maybe 3 hours of walking before we are back home. luckily its downhill and we can go fast.

then, brendan tells us all to stop. we do, and we immediately hear it on both sides of us. there is something darting around in the woods. we look for a bit but can only catch glimpses of whatever it was darting between the trees. for my own sanity im saying it was a fox or something. i tell them there isnt anything we can do but keep going. mo has his knife out again, brendan is clutching his too. we pick up the pace and within ann hour we are back at the first camping site. this means its only about 45 minutes back to tims house. we have a brief discussion on whether or not to stay here or just go home and be done with it. i voted stay. everyone else voted go. so we went. as we were walking back we heard the scream again, bbut this time it sounded far away again. i could see where the tree line ended by this point. no one was even scared by it, or if they were they didnt say anything. we were all just so tired. we made it back and all passed out in tim's living room. it was about 430 by this point. the sky was beginning to lighten up and the birds were starting to shirp. we slept until 1 in the afternoon. when we woke up, we were all sick. i still ahve a bit of a lingering cough, but its subsiding finally.

so thats the story. no more posts from me. maybe some other redditor in the area may want to try their luck at it, but im not going to post anymore about it. again, i swear to you all that everything ive said is real. i love this community and the support ive gotten throughout the ordeal. but honestly, i dont think i'll ever know the truth about what is happening with the radio signals, or what is screaming, or building stick shrines. so if youre disappointed by this story, i understand. i am too. but its gone on for long enough and its pretty clear that there wont be any resolution. i hope you enjoyed the ride. i did, and its something i'll never forget for as long as i live. i still wont say for sure that im a believer in the supernatural now. but i think i can at least accept i won't always find and explanation for everything in life. anyways, i hope you enjoyed my posts. ill try and get pictures and video up soon if you want them. take care.

-the creepy vt camper

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I’m Alive

Originally posted 6/2/10 at

im alive. a lot has happened. i don't know if i really want to post about it or not. there is a lot of footage and pictures to go through too and frankly after we escaped i just wanted to put it out of my mind for a few days and avoid freaking out like i did before.

i know this is probably killing you all, so i'll at least tell you one thing: i found the antennas.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pictures from the Hawks Mountain Crash

The hike yesterday was nice. It was a beautiful day and we got a little lost, but found the crash site. Nothing creepy happened. Couldn’t find a radio signal. No scream. No being stalked. Just some neat pictures.

I'll post more pictures and videos later if you guys want them. There are some notable things that i caught on camera, but they can all be explained away easily. We found a structure between two big boulders with cut down trees for a roof. I also found a weird smoke monster looking thing on one of my pictures. but i think that was just something on the camera. anyways, it was fun. Sorry there is nothing more creepy to report, but hey, at least i got some neat pictures.









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Summery and Future Plans

So i just wanted to write a summery and put all the theories together and how i think they fit, as well as my plans for the future. People who know the whole story and have been following along can skip ahead to the plan.

SO! The story so far:

My friend moved into a new place. He heard noises in the woods and found what he described as a "Stick Shrine" next to a dead deer.

when spring rolled around we decided to go camping in these woods. we hiked up a mountain, found a place to camp on a cliff and documented it all.


In addition to recording a terrifying scream, we found a mysterious radio signal. Users here identified it as an SSTV signal with this image embedded in the signal. Users here hypothesized it as a cherokee language saying "come with me".

I pledged to go back out into the woods and record the whole signal. In the meantime i learned that there was actually a B-29 bomber plane crash. In the crash there was supposedly an 'unauthorized woman" aboard whose body was never discovered. Some people think the scream belongs to the woman.

My friend and I went out to record the signal. We found it, recorded it, and promptly got lost in the woods. We found two "Stick Shrines" and a row of bare sticks leading to (or away from) a tree. Eventually we find our way back to the car and run away from the scary scream in the woods.


Users here decoded the radio signal. The images are here:





The images are of a propeller as can be seen here in a comparison.


The other image is of a woman with the word "woman" written in cherokee language over it. I'm guessing this has something to do with the unauthorized woman on the plane.

The two text images say, "Come with me" and "Locked away". I take this as maybe the woman being locked away, and whatever wanting me to follow it deeper into the woods. maybe follow the stick path? We didn't fully explore the path in the other direction since we were more concerned with getting off the mountain in the video.

Each image is stamped with "IAO" which either stands for the Information Awareness Office or Isis, Apophis, Osiris which is "Birth", "Destroyer", then "Afterlife", or in Hebrew, IAO is also the equivalent of 666. Maybe it stands for both.

So, theories...

Plane goes down, woman on the plane survives or is kidnapped and held against her will, secret messages are sent out.

Plane goes down, unathorized woman is burned to death, her spirit haunts the area.

I dont know, I really dont have many other theories. The scream and the signalcould be totally unrelated. or everything could be part of some giant conspiracy. I don't know if we have enough pieces of the puzzle to figure it out now. So thats why I'm going to find more pieces.


Sunday, weather permitting, I'm going to the crash site on hawkes mountain. It is adjacent to the ridge we camped on, but its only about 5 miles between peaks. We will try and find any other clues we can there. I think we'll find more since it will be close to the actual disaster, but who knows. we could find nothing.

THEN! May 14th-17th we are going camping for 4 days to map the entire mountain and hopefully find the source of the radio signal. If we can find the source, i have a feeling a lot of the mystery will be cleared up.

So thats the plan. If there is any advice, suggestions, theories, or things you'd like us to do, post it below. Keep in mind that we don't have any money for things like night vision cameras, remote audio recorders, or other high-tech this that and the other. sorry.

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Shit Hits The Fan

Originall posted at on 18 Apr 2010


again, this is a continuation of this post. This is turning out to be quite the saga.

OK, It's late, and i just got back from GETTING FUCKING LOST IN THE FUCKING CREEPY WOODS. im tired. im scared. some shit happened and i got most of it on video (the new batteries held up) but i don't think any of you will believe me. i don't blame you, cause i dont even believe me.

to get to the point, yes we found the radio signal. i managed to get a nice long clip of the signal loops. i'm counting on you guys to help me decode it again.

shit went bad though. real bad. shortly after we found the signal my buddy found one of those "branch shrines" i talked about in the very first post. I know now why he was freaked out. they were definitely deliberately placed there. there were no dead animals by it, but that made me feel worse. i think we may have been intended to be the next dead animals...

After getting home and reflecting on the trip ive come to the conclusion that we were being stalked. and i no longer believe that it was a wild cat or any of the other theories. its too much. the radio signal, the shrine. its got to be man made. there is someone out there. or something. i dont know. i really think im lucky to be alive. im rattled now. im rambling. maybe i'll feel better once its not so fresh or you can all talk me down. but right now, im freaked.

anyways, after we were done recording the signal and taking pictures of the shrine we left. but we must have gotten turned around somehow. we ended up at another shrine. and we kept hearing noises in the woods. i know it was raining and it could have been anything, but this time i really felt panic. i kept trying to joke in the video with my buddy and just laugh about it, but you can tell we were both on edge...

we tried to find our way back to the first shrine and retrace our path, but we got lost more. that is until we found a path of sticks. i dont know how to describe them, and they are hard to see in the video, but it was a line of sticks sticking out of the ground that just led to a strangely dry (considering it was raining) tree.

my buddy then said he saw something walking out in the woods. and i heard it, but didnt see it. at that point we really started to high tail it down the bank. along the way we found some other weird things, but the worst part was right at the end. we kept hearing something in the woods following us. we kept our voices quiet and just headed to the edge of the woods. somehow we managed to find ourselves in familiar area and when we finally saw the edge we could see my car through all the trees.

i whispered to my friend that i could see the end and thats when we heard whatever was stalking us move. annd i mean move. it was kind of like a crash in the woods. we could hear the crunches in the woods coming towards us, like it was running. but not quite like steady running rhythm... i dont know. im actualyl crying right now. you guys will think im a pussy and this whole thing probably isnt coherent. but the end, i had my camera in my hand... i turned it on. right as it made the noise. and since it was so close you'll know how fucking loud it was. its not an animal. its siply not. its way too loud. you'll hear it in the video. it was the scream and we were runnning and runnning and we made it to my car and i just drove. we got out and, guys, i dontn think im ever going back. im nnot a superstitious person. but i really think my life was in danger. im sorry if im letting any of you down. i really think i stumbled onto something dangerous. ill upload the videos asap. i know i wont be sleeping tonite anyways... and sorry iif you cant make out much of this post, i cant really write coherently right now.

edit: here is the first video. is has the radio signal. the second video with the rest will be done shortly.

edit 2: second video is up. im going to try to sleep now. i feel like shit. I'll check back in the morning to answer any questions. i hope someone has the sstv decoded again.

edit 3: Here are the pictures thanks to BurtGervis:

and just as a side note. i know this is where we 'jumped the shark'. i dont believe what happened and i certainly dont expect anyone else to. it was just too much. but i give you all my word that it was real, knowing full well that im just some guy on the internet and you have no reason to believe me. this is the turning point where people are either going to believe me or not. i just ask that you try to keep an open mind. if anyone can make sense of the pictures, your help would be appreciated.

as for the scream. ive heard it was a bear. ive heard people say its a cougar. ive heard people say it an owl. ive heard it all and it changes each time. if you go back to the other videos from the camping post, none of them sound like a bear. in fact, i dont even think this one sounds like a bear.. as for my reaction. some people think im laughing. i dont know. thats just how i react. i make jokes, try not to get too into the situation when im scared. i seperate myself. if i were really trying to fake this, i damn sure wouldnt have tried to laugh in it.

im also lucky i had my buddy with me, cause that helps keeps me sane. if not for him i doubt i would have had the courage to make it out. and the gravity of the situation didnt really hit me until i was back at me apartment alone. so, i understand this is the internet. people are going to make fun of this, call it stupid, not believe me, or whatever. thats fine. believe what you want. that was the whole point of me trying to film this all, to just present it and let people make their own decisions. thats all.

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Unraveling the Puzzle

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continuation of this post

novelty-account & farkas figured out the signal i found. the image can be found here any speculation on what it might mean? I only captured the first few seconds of the signal. i have to go back sometime and capture the rest. maybe next weekend...



Important Comments:

TheBakeryQueen 5 points6 points7 points 5 days ago* [-]

That looks like 'Kstagua', or 'Kstaqua', which I believe is Cherokee. On top of that it means something like 'go to me' or 'go with me'. Doing a little more research, will expand on this post later.


From what I can gather of the image, it reads K, either an r or s, t, a, g or q ( you'll notice the tail of the second a is longer, as if it continues), u and a.

From these combinations, it could be one of these words:

Krtagua, Kstagua, Krtaqua, Kstaqua,


Second edit: If we're going on a supernatural theme here, this might be of interest to you: when a spirit tries to manifest itself, it will drain battery power, or any source of power around it. This gives them the ability to vocalize screams, sounds, carry out physical acts, etc. Not every ghost/spirit can do this.

ducttape36 [S] 0 points1 point2 points 4 days ago* [-]

thanks man, i do believe the cherokee were all around here at one point. although, with the combination of IAO being vaguely evil, and the phrase "go with me" or "come with me" that makes me feel uneasy. even though im not all that superstitious. i just bought two brand new batteries for my camera so next time i go up the radio signal is going high on the list of things to capture.


ducttape36 [S] 3 points4 points5 points 6 days ago* [-]

A quick google search finds IAO as a few things.

option 1 would almost make sense considering the bomber plane that went down under odd circumstance, but that was over 50 years ago...

option 2 & 3 just sound waaaaaaaay out there. definitely creepy.

As for the writing, i can't really make it out... but my guess is it says k-s-t-a-(a,g,q?)-u-a. i dont really know... I need to go back and try to find it again...

A quick google search finds IAO as a few things. * 1st: [The Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor "terrorists" and other asymmetric threats to national security, by achieving Total Information Awareness (TIA)]( * 2nd [Iao may refer to an alternate spelling of the Gnostic deity Ialdabaoth i.e. the Demiurge. The demiurge is a concept from the Platonic, Middle Platonic, and Neoplatonic schools of philosophy for an artisan-like figure responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe.]( * 3rd, and most frightening/creepy... [IAO is a formula of Dying Gods, and 'twice-born' religions of the Old Aeon: Isis (birth, natural growth, non-reflective, primitive force), Apophis (Destroyer, analytical process, separation) and Osiris ('rebirth', or Coagula of the famous alchemic formula). As a formula of resurrection, it pertains to Tiphareth, the Sphere of Redeemer which is Son & Sun. Tiphareth is the central sephira of Sephiroth, representing the center of human consciousnes or qabalistic Ruach (more precise: it is the center of Ruach, which comprises Sephiroth from 4 to 9). Additional titles revealing the idea of Beauty are: Microprosopus, Sun, Son, Jeheshua, Adam...]( ["**Hebrew transliteration of the Gnostic sacred word IAO is with gematric value 17. Letters . Letters Aleph, Vav and Jod are channels connecting Kether and Tiphareth through Chokmah and Chesed. Value of Aleph is 111 or in another way 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, Vav is 22 or 2 + 2 = 4 and Jod is 20 or 2 + 0 = 2. Thus we obtain the number 342, representing previous three letters. The number 342 equals 666 in the heptad system: 342 = 6 x 72 + 6 x 71 + 6 x 70 = 6667.**"]( option 1 would almost make sense considering the bomber plane that went down under odd circumstance, but that was over 50 years ago... option 2 & 3 just sound waaaaaaaay out there. definitely creepy. As for the writing, i can't really make it out... but my guess is it says k-s-t-a-(a,g,q?)-u-a. i dont really know... I need to go back and try to find it again...

ContentWithOurDecay 1 point2 points3 points 5 days ago[-]

the bomber plane that went down under odd circumstance, but that was over 50 years ago...

Did I miss something?

ducttape36 [S] 0 points1 point2 points 4 days ago* [-]

eh, sort of. i mentioned it once at some point, but i dont think it's really relevant. a b-29 went down in the mountains near where we were camping. and i actually only found out about it after the night we went camping.

eh, sort of. i mentioned it once at some point, but i dont think it's really relevant. a b-29 went down in the mountains near where we were camping. and i actually only found out about it after the night we went camping.

ContentWithOurDecay 0 points1 point2 points 3 days ago[-]

And the mystery continues. You gotta get back out there and record again.

In case you are curious, i found this. again, im a skeptic, and i don't really see a connection between these events. and we were on a different ridge altogether than the one the plane crashed on. but we could see that mountain from the cliff we camped on, its probably only < 5 miles between the peaks as the crow flies. im sure some people who believe in spirits will have fun reading into that.

i will get back soon, maybe this weekend, and record again.

In case you are curious, i found [this]( again, im a skeptic, and i don't really see a connection between these events. and we were on a different ridge altogether than the one the plane crashed on. but we could see that mountain from the cliff we camped on, its probably only < 5 miles between the peaks as the crow flies. im sure some people who believe in spirits will have fun reading into that. i will get back soon, maybe this weekend, and record again.

Most bizarre of all, the people living in the area of the crash will still tell you of the rumor that there was an unauthorized woman aboard and that her body was never found.


oh shit, i must have missed that. i hope that scream isn't the scream of the woman...


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The Story Begins

This was originally posted on on 04 Apr 2010.


This is my follow up from this post. Read that to get the back story.

So we made it up the mountain. we followed an old logging trail that quickly disappeared as we started to climb. there was no path whatsoever once we started our ascent and the terrain was the roughest id ever experienced while backpacking. there were some parts we literally had to get on our hands and knees to climb.

we found an old campfire pit near a cliff that we decided to set camp by. the whole night was actually quite fun and we made light of our situation by joking about the monster the whole time and playing drinking games. we left the gun at home, as guns and alcohol dont mix and we werent going to let a monster ruin our fun. we all did sleep with our knives though.

OK, now for the creepy things:

  • we found bone fragments around our campsite.

  • we found a ghost radio station. i say ghost station because we found this weird signal on an AM frequency and it disappeared later in the night.

  • all our electronic devices kept saying the batteries were dead and shutting off at weird times. you'll see in the video i shot that the camera keeps turning off. in the morning all our devices were fine.

  • we heard what sounded like a kid yelling in the woods. i didnt get footage of it, but we all decided it was probably just some bird anyways.

  • yes, we captured the sound. it happened around midnight. you'll see in the footage it happens but the camera dies. but it happened a second time and i managed to catch a second of it, but the camera then died for good. the first scream sounded pretty far away, the second one was definitely closer.

This is all stuff you'll see in the videos. as for stuff that wasnt in the videos, well when we all finally went to bed i swear i heard voices in the woods. i was too scared to investigate and my camera stopped working anyways. thats about it. check out the videos and let me know what you think. the first video is mostly our journey to the campsite and getting settled. the weird stuff happens right at the next video. the most intriguing thing i found was the radio signal. it sounded like an emergency broadcast, but no instructions or voice ever came. weird. so check out the videos everyone, let me know what you think.

EDIT: i did some research on the radio signal. i think it might actually be whats called a numbers station. that would explain why it was broadcasting a loop and then disappeared. Can anyone else deduce anything from the signal? despite capturing the scream, im actually most fascinated by this signal.

EDIT 2: farkas identified the radio signal as an SSTV broadcast. After listening to others from youtube, i think i agree with him. does anyone have a decoder that can translate the signal into an image? come on reddit! you're help would be greatly appreciated! we have a mystery to solve!

Edit 3: The signal is decoded! I made a new post with the image here along with speculation on what it means.